Gwen Feldman

119 West 57th St. Suite 720
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It is a deep comfort to be reassured that your feelings are normal and part of human experience. When you feel right, you act right. Therapy can help you trust yourself, and it will help you develop insight as to why you think and feel as you do. Your personal history, life experiences and subjectivity all impact the many choices and decisions you make each day.

Talking analytically with a skilled professional is the most highly evolved tool we have in discovering how you can activate your best self. I work to create a meaningful emotional landscape for those who are craving more effective and gratifying ways of communicating with other people in their lives.


Psychotherapy is useful if you feel like you need to be released from your punitive and constricting personal narrative that keeps being repeated in your head. Your unconscious is not a place or a thing but a self-perpetuating way of organizing yourself that remains out of awareness but shapes all of your experiences. Psychotherapy shines a light on your tenacious symptoms by exploring them deeply.

Being understood soothes difficult feelings because as you make more sense of it, you will start to feel stronger. You will come to see that someone can genuinely care and respect the pain and struggle you are going through.

If you are longing for greater happiness in life and wishing to be your 'True Self' with more meaningful and honest relationships, we will explore what changes need to be made in order to achieve this.

No matter how conflicted you are about therapy, if you have an invested personal passion to be understood, you should have that need met. Although your own story may not be pleasant or easy to share, I don't shy away and I will encourage you to do the same.

"Recent studies suggest that talk therapy may be as good or better than drugs in the treatment of depression. Furthermore, there is no evidence that for the remaining 11% of psychiatrists who still provide talk therapy, that they provide it at a higher quality than psychologists or social workers who charge significantly less per session."New York Times- Published : March 5, 2011